Fish oil is becoming an increasingly popular form of supplementation because of increased media coverage, however holistic and natural health practitioners have been keen users of it for years. The reason a lot of people got started with fish oil was because they were aware of its benefits against things like arthritis and joint pain caused by inflammation – and although this is a very common reason for people taking this kind of supplementation there are other fish oil health benefits that are starting to make the scientific community sit up and take notice and we will look three of those things now.

i) Inflammation – Now I know we have all ready touched on inflammation as it is connected to arthritis but did you know that inflammation is actually behind some of the conditions that can kill you? Inflammation has been linked with things such as high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks – and these can all be silent killers that creep up on you. The good news is that if you are taking these kind of supplementsĀ private label CBD oil then you are reducing your chances of these events happening to you.

ii) Cancer – Although admittedly further research needs to be carried out – the current findings is that the oil is a good preventative of certain cancers, namely prostrate, ovarian, testicular and breast. Now as I said further research needs to be carried out on this but in the meantime the evidence seen so far is very exciting.

iii) The Brain – Fish oil is superb for the brain. Approximately sixty percent of the brain is made up of fats and about half of that is the fats found in the oil, so by taking the supplement you are really nourishing your brain. And by nourishing the brain it is found to be helpful against things like depression, mood swings and aggression. Not only that but it is good for memory and concentration too. Also research has shown that children taking fish oil are less likely to have ADD and that their learning can actually improve.

Now The Bad News.

To get all of the benefits listed above you cannot just take any old fish oil it has to be omega 3 fish oil which is found in certain oily fish, hoki salmon and tuna for example. Even further bad news is that to get the benefits listed above your supplement has to be high in DHA omega3.

Now there are two types of fats found in fish oil EPA and as mentioned DHA – and it is DHA which is the one that really fights inflammation and it is DHA omega3 that makes up approximately half of the brains fats, but what you will find with most supplements is that they are higher in EPA than DHA – and while this is still good to a certain degree you definitely want it to be the other way round.

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