If you are looking for a diet for rapid weight loss, then you have to understand that losing weight rapidly is not easy by any means and the chances that you will fail are very very high. People are lazy by nature and we don´t like to push ourselves very hard. That is why people are always looking for shortcuts, but very often shortcuts lead up to dead-ends.

Most people, who are trying to lose weight, are dieters that constantly start new diets. When one diet stops working and you no longer lose weight and gain weight instead, then people choose another “rapid” weight loss diet. This is a dead circle that never ends and each failed attempt make losing weight harder in the future.

A rapid weight loss diet is always successful in the beginning and the makers of these diets know that. They advertise that you can lose “25 pounds in 2 weeks” or whatever, but what happens after this weeks. Lets say you do lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks but what happens when these two weeks are over? When you cut your calories from 3000 to 2000 calories a day, then you certainly lose weight Rapid Tone Diet.

But the rapid weight loss never lasts for very long and your progress gets slower and finally it stops. Then you cut your calories even lower, from 2000 to 1500 calories and you may lose a tiny amount, but not much. So you cut your calories even more and more. Finally your metabolism is damaged and you have lost a lot of muscle mass, meaning when you go back to 2000 calories then you will still gain weight. Why? Because of these rapid diets your body is no longer able to burn calories that effectively.

The less calories you eat the slower your metabolism gets. You burn a lot less calories at 1500 calories a day, then at 3000 calories a day. The less calories you burn, the less fat you burn. And also at very low calories, your muscle mass decreases. We all know that muscle burns tons of calories. The less muscle you have the less calories you burn.

Diets that aim for rapid weight loss may be successful in the short-term but they will always fail in the long-term. It is much better to cut your calories just below your maintenance level, 15-20% below is just right for a beginner. So if your maintenance level is 2500 calories, the cutting your calories to 2000 is very good. Cutting your calories lower than that is not good. It is much better to burn calories with exercise then it is to cut them with diets. The key is to burn the fat and feed the muscle.

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