As far back as the 1850’s scientists were compiling data that seemed to show that a correlation between a healthy marriage and general physical health lovely good morning pics. If you want to have the best chances at a healthy life it seems that a healthy marriage could be a major factor. Some may think that a healthy relationship would be the same. Strangely enough the health benefits of cohabitation partners, while better than those of bachelors and spinsters, do not measure up to the health benefits of marriage. Married people tend to get sick less, lower instances of surgery, pneumonia, cancer and heart attacks. So should everyone run out and get married to the first person they see? Probably not as a bad marriage comes with its own health risks.

For those in a poor marriage the inverse seems to be true. As marital discord increases so do a person’s chances for heart disease, diabetes, mood swings, depression, contracting diseases or illness. A person in an unhealthy marriage often has a lowered immune system effectiveness causing longer healing times or recovery times for illness. A higher risk of infection after surgery and a lower life expectancy. Does this mean we should run from a bad marriage? Statistically speaking the ending of a marriage seems to have little or no effect on these medical issues where returning the marriage to a healthy state seems to drastically improve one’s chances of a healthy life.

According to some studies married men may live up to 20% longer than unmarried or divorced men. For women the data seems to be less ranging in the 10-15% range. This may seem like marriage is a better deal for the man, and as a married man I would probably agree, but we need to consider that women on average live longer than men. When we take this into account the overall health benefit is probably about equal between men and women.

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