Have you ever shopped the Internet? Did you use a promotional code or coupon? If you answered yes to these two questions, we need to talk.

How easy was it for you to acquire that wonderful promotional code to save money? You start by navigating through hundreds of free coupon websites. All requesting you enter your email address and perhaps a phone number. During this grilling process pop up ads constantly float across your screen. Next you encounter an endless barrage of advertisers offering worthless products and services. Many insist you fill out unending surveys regarding your life choices, education, health and life insurance needs, animal psychic services or face a hard sell for useless kitchen gadgets.

True frustration is surviving all this turmoil to discover your coupon has expired. It died ages ago. Shady advertisers toyed with my time. Not a nice experience.

Well, if you are like me, you dust yourself off, start the entire process all over again. I accept the fact I have a true addiction for all discounts and coupons.. I would seek therapy but they do not offer a coupon for this service. Until then, I will embrace my need for a discount fix.

Who does not love to save money? I received my first promotional discount code in my email. Luckily, it was from one of my favorite stores. I saved 20 percent off plates that were on sale. Feelings of power and joy? I was hooked.

Years ago, when computers were not so savvy, I was able to place 3 to 4 promotional codes toward a single purchase. I was on top of the world and unstoppable. Unfortunately, advertisers discovered coupon websites could make them money.

Habits are hard to break. Today, I cannot place an Internet purchase without a coupon. I physically cannot hit the ‘submit’ button without spending endless hours sifting through hundreds of coupons and promotional codes. Many years and much Internet shopping have taught me some valuable lessons I would love to share with you.

The first step a person should take searching for coupons is to fill out the Internet store newsletter request. Most reputable stores offer this up to the minute discount and coupon newsletter. Standard requirements for receiving a newsletter is simple and fast. Just enter your email address.

Another rule of thumb, do not go to coupon websites that make you fill out survey after survey. This is an irritating form of advertising that will likely result in expired coupons and a ton of worthless spam mail.

Never enter your mobile phone number, or home phone number, to join a coupon website! Advertisers will send you text messages that include fees you must pay to your mobile provider. You will be charged to receive their advertising! This happened to me to the tune of $115.00. Fortunately, my mobile provider eliminated those fees. I learned this lesson the hard way.

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