Hair loss is one of the most distressing conditions that today’s image conscious person faces. To many people, hair is part of the package that makes ‘beauty.’ Deprived of hair, they tend to feel as if they don’t come across as ‘very attractive’ to others, which indeed tends to be the case sometimes.

Thankfully, hair loss can be treated. And there are a number of hair treatment options available to the person faced with loss, of which we explore the top three here.

1) The first hair treatment option open to the person faced with loss, one which is often highly effective but one which is also rather controversial is hormonal treatment. As it turns out, one of the biggest causes of hair loss, especially in men, is hormonal imbalances. It is this that causes baldness, arguably the most noticeable and thus distressing form of loss. What tends to be happening is that male hormones, also called androgens, are falling out of balance; with one of the manifestations being loss. So the treatment here would be to try to push those hormone levels back into balance. Several substances – some natural (like saw palmetto) and some synthetic have been observed to have this effect of rebalancing the male sex hormones, and it is these that are employed here to effect hair loss treatment.

2) The second hair treatment option open to the person faced with loss is nutritional treatment. If a person is losing hair at a fast rate, and there does not seem to be a hormonal factor in play, then there is a very real possibility that the scalp is not getting the nutrients it needs to make hair. So the intervention here would be to give the scalp the nutrients it needs to make new hair, for which a number of natural substances have always been used, and for which a number of synthetic substances have also been developed. An example of the nutritional hair treatments that work through the nutritional mechanism is aloe vera, which is often used to nourish the scalp – making way for good hair growth micropigmentación capilar marbella.

3) The third hair treatment option open to the person faced with hair loss is that of simply ‘masking’ the loss. Rather than attempting to combat the hair loss, one can opt to just hide it. A well appointed wig can come in handy here – it being the simplest of these ‘masking’ treatments for loss. Yet the treatments need not be as basic (some call it crude) as a wig. A person looking for a more refined hair treatment might consider buying artificial hair, which offers the opportunity for a more refined look. When many of us hear about ‘artificial hair’ what comes to mind are those ‘odd-looking’ hairs worn by clowns. But the truth of the matter is that if you are willing to pay the right price for it, you can find very real looking artificial hair, which merges perfectly with your natural hair, to give the impression that you still have your entire hair in place.

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